Cameral spa

Friendliness, unhurriedness, intimacy and calm are the features that fill the Herbal Spa. His walls effectively leave worries away. These spaces are designed to be able to return to each other in order to be able to cast off the yoke of binding duties, deadlines, and responsibility. You are a guest in it, you do not worry about anything. Our role is to positively influence our dear guests to feel relaxed and safe. With tact and patience, we would like to accompany guests visiting the Herbal Spa at every stage of their stay, opening up other soothing and atmospheric spaces and treatments before them.

cameral spa

A beautiful fragrance, subdued sound, warm light color and optimal temperature relieve the senses by tuning them to lower, quieter frequencies. The whole stay is a constant, beneficial bathing of the senses, through which the mind is ultimately also undergoing psychic immunity. It slows down the heart, the adrenaline level in the blood decreases, the arterial pressure calms down, the muscle tone around the neck decreases, and with these measurable changes in the mood, the well-being that is visible on the smoothed and freshened face improves.